Our School

The New School of Montpelier (NSM) is an employee-owned school, successfully owned and operated as a coop by our members since 2015. NSM first opened its doors in January 2005, and is now in its second decade of providing special education and related services to the school districts of Central Vermont and beyond. We are a year round school serving co-ed students ages 5-22, from the greater central Vermont region, who face significant physical, emotional, cognitive, and behavioral challenges that cannot be appropriately addressed in their public schools. The schools we serve have typically exhausted their local resources while striving to meet each student’s individualized needs. We team with local districts to identify the goals each student’s team has targeted. NSM prides itself on the strong communication with schools and families. The New School of Montpelier is approved as a general and special education Independent School by the Vermont Board of Education to serve students with the disability category of Learning Impairment, Other Health Impairment, Speech or Language Impairment, Specific Learning Disabilities, Autism, Emotional Disturbance, and Traumatic Brain Injury.


The Purpose of the New School is to provide an appropriate education to students whose needs can’t be met by their school district. We do this by providing a safe and encouraging environment for our unique learners. Our staff uses therapeutic components based on strong relationship with students to help them be successful. We modify everything from elementary, high school, and transitional curriculum to ensure success for our students.


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Our Facilities: The Montpelier campus, on the VCFA green is currently made up of three spaces. There are two buildings on College Street, next to and downstairs of Alumni Hall, and one on West Street where our Administration is also housed. We are a short distance to downtown Montpelier and the community integration activities that offers; we also actively use the College green for physical education and other group activities.


Our newer campus, in West Glover, opened in August 2016 and is located at 77 Maple Lane. We are located in the back part of the barn in a newly renovated space. This property provides an abundance of outdoor activities including hiking, swimming, fishing and cross-country skiing. Community integration activities are a short drive into Barton where we access the local library, grocery store and playgrounds.


Mission: The New School of Montpelier believes that all students deserve to experience success and belonging in their school and to experience success academically and behaviorally. Students experience success academically, socially, and in their personal development through instruction and clinical support, tailored to their individual needs, and through being engaged, in an educational community, where they feel a strong sense of safety and belonging. This is achieved in partnership with sending schools, parents, and community mental health.


In 2015 the employees of NSM purchased the school and now run it as an employee owned coop. Members elect a Board of Directors who hire and supervise the Director, approve the budget, and determine long term goals. All employees can become member/owners after two years of employment.